Wednesday, 13 August 2014

BBC Tumble/ Long time no writing

BBC Tumble promotion photo

The additions to this blog have been scare this year. Sorry :)
A significant number of changes in my life have occurred since 2013 and regrettably this has caused me to ignore my blog a little.  

However, I have not lost interest in the 'gymternet' or the sporting world.

Some of our CWG medalists! WAG England/ MAG England/ WAG Wales/ MAG Scotland.
Photos taken from British Gymnastics and reposted on my Instagram account @jenniferpinches.

Brief catch up:
  • The European Championships were incredibly momentous for GB, not only for the *silver medal winning Seniors* (beating Russia!!!!) but for the Juniors too, who are also exciting to watch and have such glorious stage presence and potential for future World Championships and Olympic Games. Woo hoo!
  • The Commonwealth Games were also astonishingly brilliant for our British home nations (in many sports, but obviously I am talking abut gymnastics). I am especially proud of all my former team mates for their inspirational attitudes as well as their beautiful performances. I was crying tears of joy as Hannah, Ruby and Claudia took top 3 for England in the AA competition and Wales winning bronze in the team competition was another highlight for me.
  • Rewinding to last season in the NCAA, I finished my year off as a Bruin very happily, and although our team did not make the National finals, we did everything we could have done towards success and so we regretted nothing. Saying that, I am ready to meet the challenge of doing even better at next year's championships, as now I have committed to staying on! I had expected to do only one year at UCLA. I wish our graduated friends all the best ��
     More recent news:

'Tumble', the new Saturday night BBC 1 show in the UK is turning out to be even better than I anticipated. Although it is clearly aimed at the general public, not the gymnastics community- making some details potentially irritable or cheesy to us- I am a big supporter of it. The celebrities are surprisingly agile and the judges seem to be a good combination too. Shout out to the legend that is Mitch Fenner. 

Most of all, it is just great to see gymnastics on mainstream TV and getting the attention it deserves.
Gymnasts, as athletes, in my opinion, are just the best athletes that there are. Yet they never seem to get enough credit for what they do! Obviously I'm biased, but just think about the strength it takes to do rings... or the precision it takes to do beam... I am always looking up to other gymnasts, constantly finding more impressive and inspirational heroes.

Kristian Thomas recently competed against a set of other pro athletes and won (of course) showing how well rounded a gymnast must be; there is no area where you can ignore. You need flexibility, balance, speed, strength, mental focus... The list goes on... And I don't know any child who doesn't want to be able to backflip. On top of this, Gymnastics is always one of the most popular events at multi-sport games like the Olympics (it is often one of the first to sell out) so I am always shocked at the lack of any mention this sport gets in day-to-day context.

Basically, gymnasts are awesome and deserve to be celebrated on TV.
 So the introduction of Tumble is fantastic news and hopefully it shows a positive move towards greater recognition for top gymnasts.

Fingers crossed!
And if it doesn't, then oh well, I'm enjoying the show anyway, especially banter between Louis and Craig! 

Briuns: (Sophina) Ellette and Me
Photo via

Thanks for sticking (no pun intended) around, and keeping up with my online self by the way, I am so grateful for anyone who supports me/ follows me on Twitter/ reads my blog ... ��❤️

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Here's to more fun watching  Tumble, a great next season for the Bruins  and  more success and attention for (GB) gymnasts!